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IL Gelato Hawaii provides an authentic gelato experience for your wedding, corporate functions or gatherings of any size.

We cater anything from your private chef gelato experience to large banquets and private events up to 4,000 people.


Please call +1 808 542 9276 for inquiries or reservations, or email to

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IL Carrettino

Your perfect choice!

We offer "all you can eat" gelato service with our authentic Italian gelato cart for groups of 100 and more.

We present our gelato with a self-contained, hand-pushed, antique European gelato cart which requires very little space, infrastructure support, and no electricity.

We also offer our famous fresh and homemade gelato cones.

IL Pozzetti

Your perfect choice!

IL Pozzetti is our perfect solution when hosting smaller events (appr. 50 people).


We offer our Gelato Cool Box, IL Pozzetti, complete with a cart, scooping station, and instructions to DIY.


We custom-combine your flavors fresh and have everything ready for your pick-up. We also offer our famous fresh and homemade gelato cones.

The set up on-site takes only a few seconds, and you and your guests can enjoy our award winning gelato.

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