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IL Gelato Hawaii_Wholesale_Ice Cream



We proudly supply Hawaii’s best resorts, hotels, restaurants, gelato bars, and coffee shops with our award winning authentic Italian gelato.


We make our gelato fresh from scratch daily without any artificial coloring, flavoring or preservatives.


We use local suppliers and support the local economy and the “farm to table” movement in Hawaii. This also allows us to be environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

We offer

  • Gelato tubs for restaurants and the foodservice industry

  • Stainless steel gelato pans for  gelato, coffee, and smoothie bars and ice cream shops

  • Free consulting, training, and support

  • Banquet services: pre-scooped and ready to be served (up to 2,000 scoops)

  • Over 150 different flavors

  • Custom-made and signature recipes

  • Dairy-free and vegan alternatives

  • Free delivery (over 20 L)

IL Gelato Hawaii_Ice Cream_Gelato_Wholesale
IL Gelato Hawaii_Ice Cream_Wholesale

Your advantage

  • Rated as the best gelato in Hawaii and one of the best gelatos in the world

  • Award winning and most popular gelato brand in Hawaii

  • Artisan gelato made fresh daily upon order and in small batches

  • All natural – no preservatives, artificial colors, or flavoring

  • Supporting the “farm to table” and “green” business principles

  • Low in butterfat and sugar content – amazing taste and textures

  • Custom flavors

  • Easy to understand price structure

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